Project Portfolio

Agrinergy was an early mover in the CDM market and one of the first companies to develop an in-depth understanding of the key CDM concepts and how to apply them successfully. Agrinergy has developed and implemented a large number of CDM registered projects and is now managing and developing a diversified portfolio of over 90 CDM projects – and this portfolio is growing. The projects developed utilise a broad range of baseline and monitoring methodologies approved by the CDM Executive Board. In cases where approved methodologies did not exist, Agrinergy developed and submitted methodologies for approval.

Agrinergy’s founders have a solid experience in emerging and commodity markets. The initial projects developed by Agrinergy focused on the agro-processing sector, and this sector remains an important part of the portfolio. The CDM experience and knowledge gained in this sector was soon leveraged into other sectors and project types and today Agrinergy is managing a wide range of projects using many different technologies – from waste management, waste heat recovery, blended cement, iron and steel to renewable energy. For examples of Agrinergy’s sectoral experience go to Sector Experience.