Agrinergy has committed to supporting the implementation of savannah fire management projects in the Northern Australia with the opportunity to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU). We understand these projects provide an opportunity for flow-on social benefits to the communities who may participate in these projects.

T.O.’s have a long understanding of using fire in northern Australia to actively break up country with Early Dry Season burns. Many have revived this traditional land management or have plans underway and want to benefit from creating ACCU’s.

The next steps from towards the issue of ACCU’s from traditional land management require the scientific and documentation processes that meet the requirements of the Clean Energy Regulator. Following this the credits are issued. Then optimising the value of your ACCU portfolio and negotiating a favourable sale will achieve the best outcome for your project.

Following your on ground action we can partner with your project to create carbon credits. We are able to fund and manage your project through to the issue of carbon credits and achieve the best results in selling these. We are also experienced in organising “forward sales” to enable T.O. groups to overcome funding gaps and get on with operational on ground activities sooner rather than later.


Agrinergy’s carbon team has a proven track record with international emission reduction schemes, our technical capacity extends from project origination and due diligence, to methodology development and project documentation to approval, monitoring, reporting and credit issuance.

Through CFI Savanna Burning projects we are combining our capabilities with leading agricultural consultants and land management advisors to provide an expert service for CFI clients.


In terms of services Agrinergy carbon team will assist project owners in applying to join the CFI to become a recognised offsets entity, open a registry account and become an eligible offsets project. We will use existing approved methodologies or if required create new ones. Agrinergy will also assist owners in implementing the operational part of the CFI project with the preparation of the documentation required, and keep records to support the information provided to the Administrator, throughout the project lifetime.


Once the applicant’s offsets project is up and running, the applicant will need to submit an offsets report on their project to the Administrator. An early and late dry season fire maps for every year in the baseline and reporting periods will provided. Record keeping is important and will be used to assess the abatement that has been achieved by the project. Projects must be audited by a registered CFI auditor.


Agrinergy’s carbon advisory team is experienced in credit marketing, liaising with some of the largest compliance buyers in Australia. Our sales team can provide trading solutions and sales options in order to optimise the value of the ACCU portfolio.


Agrinergy is aware of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the need for Free, Prior and Informed Consent. We are also sensitive that the first priority of Traditional Owners and its Community.

We are experienced in community consultation workshops with TO groups and understand the need to deliver savanna burning outcomes while respecting and the preservation of Traditional Rights and Obligations such respect for sacred sites and “sorry” business.